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Vagal Nerve: Key stress-busting secrets shared

vagal nerve natural stress relief

An unusual way to keep calm and positive in the face of adversity  Revealed, how to stimulate your stress-busting nerve system  The hidden benefits of gargling, singing and saying “OMMMMMMMMMM” Today I want to intrioduce you to the Vagal Nerve. It’s one of twelve pairs of nerves called the Cranial Nerves because they do not enter the spinal cord. The Vagal Nerve is often considered to be the most important of these nerves, and I want to show you what…
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Why it’s a day for skipping, asparagus and stress

Why today is all about asparagus, skipping and a ‘silent killer’  How to de-stress with a cat (without owning one)  The benefits of being crushed by a blanket It’s ‘Stress Awareness Month’! Did you know? Nope, neither did I. I’m sure there’s someone who works in a secure basement in an undisclosed location whose job it is to allocate these special occasions. A quick glance on Wikipedia and it appears that this month has also been… Autism Awareness Month Cancer…
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Discover a Transylvanian method to fight Hay Fever

Why am I sneezing on a frosty day? How this ancient mineral can brighten your sunny day A look back stirs these powerful memories. Dear <NAME> OK, so the sun has been showing… but it has still been cold. We’ve had frosts most nights, none of my shrubs are in leaf and the central heating is still used at least once a day. So why am I suffering from Hay Fever? Exactly which plants have decided it’s time to be…
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