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Seasonal Foods: Why you should celebrate Midsummer

Seasonal Food

The important nutritional lesson of midsummer’s day  If you want the most nutritional punch from your food, do this  How this natural anti-depressant got its name Happy Midsummer’s Day! Although that word ‘midsummer’ is a bit confusing, isn’t it? The school holidays haven’t even started… and yet we’re already midsummer?! Meteorologically speaking, we’re only a month into summer, so there are still two thirds of it left. And astronomically speaking, summer started on the June Solstice, which was on Tuesday,…
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Natural Anxiety Remedy: Ease the stress with a chestnut

natural anti-depressant

A Collins’ family secret finally revealed The vitamin that is no more… …and how an iceberg lettuce can ease daily stress If you saw me today, you’d be pretty shocked… My hair’s sticking out at strange angles… there are bags under my eyes… my shirt is covered in sweat…and bits of furniture are lying all over the place. Yes, a hurricane struck the Collins household last night and it was tough going for all of us. Its name was ‘Ruth’,…
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Could your belly button be the energiser you need?

How a simple exercise can fire you up for the day A different idea for Alzheimer’s How to avoid the mental strain of social distancing I don’t know if this is a sign of things to come… But I’ve been staring blankly at the screen for the past hour trying to get today’s letter started. Maybe it’s because I feel trapped in the house (thanks coronavirus!) or it could be writers block but something is definitely amiss. Lara’s even hoovered…
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