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How to relieve the dull pounding with peppermint

Discover a few more odd health facts that I’ve collected Could a deep throbbing headache be a sign of genius? Remedies that work for migraines and muscle spasms As you know by now, possibly to your utter despair, I’m addicted to collecting odd facts. I don’t know whether it’s the delight at seeing my friends and family slapping their foreheads as soon as I open my mouth and say, “Did you know…?” Or whether it’s some kind of preparation for…
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Myths about exercise busted

Controversial opinion alert  But here’s a man who says that exercise is unnatural!  Discover why the modern age might not be so bad for us after all A long time ago… Before Twitter and Instagram existed… Before Brexit, Trump, the banking crash, wildfires in the Arctic Circle and the pandemic… I started writing the Good Life Letter. Simpler times, back then, I think. Even though it was only 15 years ago. So much has changed in the world – not…
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