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Herbal Tea: Reasons to be careful

health risks of herbal tea

My friends were shocked when I told them this My friends were shocked when I told them this  Why there’s a potentially dangerous ingredient lurking in herbal teas  Try this spicy alternative bedtime healing drink After two years of occasional Zoom chats… It’s so nice to be able to visit old friends again. Stuttering conversations with wonky computer cameras were fine, I guess. But nothing can replace seeing real people in the flesh. So last weekend, Lara and I drove…
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The modern answer to your health problem could lie in ancient wisdom

Are you a knowledge surfer or diver? Who knew that tree bark cures headaches? Discover the secrets of ancient herblore The other day someone asked me if I enjoy ‘surfing’ the web. Well, I use the Internet almost every day… but is ‘surfing’ the right word? Surfing is a term that means skimming the surface of something. It’s a word for young people with no health worries. People who just want to go faster, look better on the outside. They…
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