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Anti-Oxidant Tea: Let’s hear it for the great British cuppa!

Anti-Oxidant tea boosts health

It’s time for tea… no coffee to be found here! How a tea belly can be the healthiest person around A fantastic healthy brew for you to trial – click here for details Today i have to introduce you to a fantastic anti-oxidant tea. A few weeks ago I told you about a fantastic coffee blend that contained CBD to help reduce pain and relax you… …within minutes of sending the letter out I got hundreds of outraged emails from…
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The hot drinks that boost your brain

This new tea research is bonkers  Hot drinks that can make you healthier and smarter  Yet more revelations about coffee I spend a lot of time doing research for this letter. Going through the newspapers… looking at online articles… talking to the Good Life team about what they’ve discovered recently. Then, when I am ready to start writing, I always go through a special ritual… I put on the kettle and make a cup of tea. In fact, there’s one…
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