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The 2 ingredients that make sugar more addictive

Breakfast Cereal

•    Is this the worst ever breakfast cereal? •    The 2 ingredients that make sugar more addictive •    The food type that causes chronic disease I hate to do the ‘when I were a lad’ stuff. My kids cringe whenever I started talking about the old days. And fair enough! I’m not a fan of phoney nostalgia, and I try not to see the past with rose tinted glasses. Take food, for instance. There are so many delicious, exciting foods…
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Make your own breakfast superfood

Are you guilty of self denial? A closely guarded secret revealed 5 health benefits from a sugar rich food Health logic says that if something is loaded with sugar then it shouldn’t be good for us. However, what logic doesn’t take into account is the quantity we eat – so that a small portion of a sugar rich food could provide a whole lot more than a few calories. I made this fantastic discovery after I walked back into the…
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