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Why a shake of salt could be a good thing

Everyone will tell you that dietary salt is bad for you – but is it? New theories that salt is good for us are being ignored A bit of common sense cynicism is all you need to stay well. Could we be getting it wrong about the amount of salt we eat? The general consensus is that we are all eating far too much salt, and that it is a prime cause of heart disease and high blood pressure. Certainly…
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How salt could reverse these false symptoms of old age

Salt in diet

Why too LITTLE salt could be bad for you How sodium could rid you of the ‘symptoms of old age’ 3 tips on how to get enough salt I was cooking for some friends on Friday night. For my friends’ delight, I was rustling up monkfish with lemon mayonnaise. One of my favourite dishes. As I ground a shower of sea salt onto the fish, my friend John said in astonishment: ‘Whoa there! Easy on the salt. Are you trying…
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