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Snack foods that are good for you

Breakfast Cereal

Ooops! I got caught in the wrong…again! Here are some really healthy snack foods to try How to teach good habits to the children… and learn a few lessons for ourselves too. All right, I admit it… I was caught red-handed. Last week in response to a readers email I mentioned I was reading my morning paper whilst happily working my way through a mouthful of cornflakes. Not a fresh fruit salad, or eggs and bacon (poached eggs and bacon…
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The food that is so often misunderstood

healthy food

Where I stand on the great carb debate Why there is such a thing as good and bad foods Nuts, seeds & berries – not just for birds! At my age I’m often misunderstood…I get used to it. Being the complex and irascible character that I am can sometimes lead to a period of being ostracised. To be honest with you there are times when I actually enjoy it! You could say that I have been in training for self-isolation…
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How a hot dog can kill off dangerous bugs

healthy hot dog

How a hot dog can kill off dangerous bugs Why scientists get my goat How the nation’s favourite food could keep your brain alive! The Health and Safety folk would have had a field day if they’d seen me last night… There’s a park at the end of our road that’s used a lot by the local community… picnics, kick arounds, sunbathing (on the 3 days of summer we get)… you name it, it happens. And yesterday being bonfire night,…
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