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This affordable UK superfood might be in your garden

A 1955 marmalade recipe from a reader….    A classic, affordable British superfoods that might be in your garden    Try this tangy chutney to sneak in the green stuff   Who’d have thought it…  But one of my most popular emails lately was the one about marmalade!  Just shows what a sweet tooth you all have.  This is what I love about writing this newsletter – it’s as much about old-fashioned treats and things that make you feel good…
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My gout prejudice shamefully revealed

Pain Patches: Poster Boy for gout

The surprising reason my builder let me down   My gout prejudice shamefully revealed   Try these natural strategies to avoid and alleviate excessive uric acid building up in your bloodstream…   I’m not much of a handyman. Behind every large picture hung on our wall are about three failed attempts to put in a screw. My few DIY projects, like the shelves I put up in the garage, could be described as “charmingly rustic” or maybe just “BAD”. When…
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Could this gut bacteria help reverse your biological age?

Argan Oil Moroccan Gold Remedy

Are you sitting comfortably? Feeling relaxed? If so, good. Because it might help you live longer. That’s according to a new study in the US, which looked at biological ageing in people before and after surgery. The stress of the upcoming surgery vastly accelerated their measurable biological age. But this ageing was REVERSED in the recovery process. They have tried similar experiments on mice too and found that exposure to stress aged them rapidly, while stress reduction did the opposite….
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The 2 ingredients that make sugar more addictive

Breakfast Cereal

•    Is this the worst ever breakfast cereal? •    The 2 ingredients that make sugar more addictive •    The food type that causes chronic disease I hate to do the ‘when I were a lad’ stuff. My kids cringe whenever I started talking about the old days. And fair enough! I’m not a fan of phoney nostalgia, and I try not to see the past with rose tinted glasses. Take food, for instance. There are so many delicious, exciting foods…
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Gene Edited Food

•    England have announced a new law for gene-edited food •    The dark and worrying side of this latest development •    Why it could make your fruit and veg less healthy (and worse)… England have changed its laws to allow gene-edited food to be developed and sold! The government claims this will create more jobs and improve food production. But environmental concerns are keeping this from being allowed in other parts of the UK like Wales and Scotland. You might…
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