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Could this gut bacteria help reverse your biological age?

Argan Oil Moroccan Gold Remedy

Are you sitting comfortably? Feeling relaxed? If so, good. Because it might help you live longer. That’s according to a new study in the US, which looked at biological ageing in people before and after surgery. The stress of the upcoming surgery vastly accelerated their measurable biological age. But this ageing was REVERSED in the recovery process. They have tried similar experiments on mice too and found that exposure to stress aged them rapidly, while stress reduction did the opposite….
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I have a weird confession

How to improve your Microbiome naturally

Why antibiotics make the flu season worse  Could the answer to the coming global health crisis be up your nose?  An easy way to improve the health of your gut I’m not a ghoul or anything… Promise! But I have to confess that I have been tracking this year’s flu statistics (I know, I know, my wife thinks I’m like a weird train-spotter). The reason is, I wrote to you in the summer about some worrying outbreaks of flu in…
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