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A new study into middle aged fitness

•    Couch Potatoes Rejoice! •    The Diet that’s Like A Treadmill on Your Plate •    What to eat every week to boost your natural fitness   I’ll begin by stating the bleedin’ obvious.  I LOVE FOOD.  It used to be that I just loved its taste and the pleasure of eating it.  And now I love it for that AND the way it heals disease and protects us from all kinds of later-life health problems.  It’s why I began writing…
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Gene Edited Food

PFAS fruit and veg image

•    England have announced a new law for gene-edited food •    The dark and worrying side of this latest development •    Why it could make your fruit and veg less healthy (and worse)… England have changed its laws to allow gene-edited food to be developed and sold! The government claims this will create more jobs and improve food production. But environmental concerns are keeping this from being allowed in other parts of the UK like Wales and Scotland. You might…
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