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Don’t exercise it will make your teeth drop out!

Reasons to be a happy slacker, rather than a gummy gym bunny Even major athletes are at risk of terrible damage from exercise The secret to safe exercise – revealed I don’t want to worry any of you who have turned over a new post lockdown leaf and returned to the gym but – you could be doing more harm than good! Especially where your teeth are concerned. We are used to being told that too much alcohol, too much…
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Why people are wrong about onion breath

The surprising food that kills bad breath  A natural mouthwash that really works  How to protect yourself during a dental drought My dog loves to eat. By ‘love’ I mean… If you were to leave a gigantic bag of food unattended, he would continue to eat that food until he exploded. A bit like me in my mid-20s! Until about 5 years ago, I used to fork out for dog chews that were designed to clean his teeth. The idea…
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This gum problem is more than a health niggle

A weird link between Covid-19 and the health of your mouth  Watch out if you see this in your sink  How your gums could save your life A lot of adverts on TV are rubbish, admittedly. But there was one a few years back that really struck a chord with me. It was either for toothpaste or a mouth wash. (I can’t quite remember the product, only the message of the commercial!) In the ad, a woman is brushing her…
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