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Why Scotland is dishing out free vitamins

Interesting news from Scotland – why they’re dishing out free vitamin pills  Why does the media love to hate vitamin supplements?  The worrying ingredient inside your vitamin pills – why these drugs don’t work So it has come to this… FREE vitamins! Well… For some people in Scotland anyway. The Scottish government has announced that those who are shielding will get a free four-month supply of vitamin D supplements to boost their immune systems this winter. An NHS letter even…
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Why low fat diets are bad for immunity

Do this one weird trick to ANY mushroom to make it far healthier  A surprising fact about vitamin D in April  Why low-fat diets are bad for immunity Got any mushrooms in the house? Top tip for you…. Put them on a plate on an open window ledge. Seems weird, I know. There’s a faint possibility a pigeon or seagull might nick one. But that one odd trick will supercharge the vitamin D content of those mushrooms, so that when…
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