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How you’re stopped from visiting the best CBD shop?

Revealed – how you are being denied access to effective remedies Discover why these two internet giants are not doing their jobs It is time to fight back – visit the best CBD shop now The more I get to discover about natural remedies and the influence Big Pharma has on suppressing their publicity and usage, the more I begin to smell a rat in every news story. I saw it a few weeks back when the vitamin D and…
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Watch out for this marketing scam

Hemp is not CBD

Let me clear up this common confusion  Why hemp oil is NOT the same as CBD oil  How to avoid this sneaky marketing trick Dear NAME, Can me a fusty old ‘boomer’ if you like but I’ve never really understood fashion labels. It used to drive my kids mad… “Why are you paying that much money for those trainers, just because they have ‘Adidas’ written on them?” I’d ask. “Surely those cheaper ones do the same job?” Same went for…
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Why I don’t like this bandwagon behaviour

CBD oil made simple

Amazing, I’ve been to a lot of trade shows but I’ve never seen anything quite like this health revolution Why the USA is changing its mind about this drug Try this if you suffer chronic pain, anxiety, nausea, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis and insomnia… Ever been to a trade show? If not, imagine a massive room full of stalls and displays, with all kinds of wonderful prototypes, new products and innovations, all vying for your attention. Think…
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