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How to unleash your anti-virus hormone

A surprising new weapon for your immune system  How the sleep hormone could help prevent serious outcomes from getting Covid-19  Easy ways to induce melatonin production I’ll admit… There has been a LOT of big news recently. I mean, it’s crazy out there right now. From the situation in the USA… to the escalating rampage of coronavirus… there is so much information to take in. But even so… I’m really surprised that what I’m about to tell you isn’t a…
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How this hidden problem is linked to allergies & obesity

The brain electric

The lazy way to reduce your waistline The electrical threat you’re not told about How this hidden problem is linked to allergies, cancer, sleep problems, and even obesity Well, that was a hot week. Too hot for me to do any gardening over the Bank Holiday weekend. And too hot even to sleep. Last Sunday night I was uncomfortable in every position, and had to discard even a bed sheet (not a pretty image but there you go). It seemed…
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