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The truth about those BMI numbers

BMI lowering

A dispute after a rugby game? Surely not! Why these numbers don’t add up A simple way to measure yourself that really works It’s not been a great few weeks as a Welsh rugby fan. For those who haven’t been following the Six Nations tournament this year (2023) we have played two games and lost both. Although my hopes are high for this weekend when we meet England. As is my custom I usually take up a seat at my…
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Faster walking can turn the clock back 16 years

Fast walking turns back time

The surprising thing that makes you 16 years younger  How this type of walking slows the ageing process  Overweight people can actually be healthier than those with good BMIs because of this I’ve got a habit of walking too quickly. Ever since I was young, I’ve moved at speed, as if my pants were on fire. “Slow down, Ray!” my friends would moan when we were on a night out in our early 20s. It didn’t help that I was…
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