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Tips for better sleep

Better Sleep: Less Stress

Discover these five top tips for a good sleep The technology debacle that ruins sleep The surprising salad ingredient that can help you relax at night The chaps at the office have been through a move… This created havoc with telephone and internet services. Despite careful planning we suffered from nearly a week without telephone lines and patchy internet. It just proves that I am right to treat anything technological with healthy suspicion, and worry whenever I hear a service…
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The coronasomnia pandemic

Do you suffer from coronasomnia?  The link between post-traumatic stress disorder and sleep problems  Three ways to get your body and brain into a sleepy state at night Ever heard of the term ‘coronasomnia’? Nope, neither had I until I started researching today’s newsletter. I have been reading so many accounts of sleep problems during this lockdown that I thought it would be good to revisit the subject. Lo and behold, I discovered there was a name for this phenomena:…
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Are you a lion, wolf, bear or dolphin?

Better sleep

If you get insomnia, this may reassure you… Why sleeping all night is not actually ‘normal’ Which of these four types are you – lion wolf, bear or dolphin? Trouble sleeping through the night? It’s hugely frustrating, I know. I’ve had my own bouts of insomnia, usually caused by worry and stress. But for many people, it’s not something that happens occasionally. It’s just a way of life and it’s maddening. However, this may reassure you a little… It’s not…
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Is a good night’s sleep just a dream?

Sleep better naturally

Discover the health benefits of good sleep Why should you have a dark experience every night? Find out the five secrets of restful sleep Every so often we all struggle to get to sleep. It’s usually because we are fretting about something, or we may have overdone the rich food and wine at a party. But for some night time is a series of short naps and long periods of tossing and turning, watching the clock slowly tick through the…
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How this hidden problem is linked to allergies & obesity

The brain electric

The lazy way to reduce your waistline The electrical threat you’re not told about How this hidden problem is linked to allergies, cancer, sleep problems, and even obesity Well, that was a hot week. Too hot for me to do any gardening over the Bank Holiday weekend. And too hot even to sleep. Last Sunday night I was uncomfortable in every position, and had to discard even a bed sheet (not a pretty image but there you go). It seemed…
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The second best remedy ever has just been discovered in Bristol…

Better sleep for all

Maybe this isn’t the price we need to pay for health How to sleep better, especially for kids What is my favourite remedy…EVER? Who says healthy living has to be hard work? Obviously not me; I’d never say anything so stupid. Or try anything so stupid. “But Ray, cleaning out the garage will give you a perfect aerobic workout. Your heart, lungs, and blood vessels will benefit from the increased amount of oxygen in the body, which helps strengthen body…
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