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Back Pain Relief Avoiding Ibuprofen

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A new warning about ibuprofen Why you should never take this for back ache My three favourite natural anti-inflammatory treats How’s your back? The reason I’m asking is that there’s a ONE in SIX chance that you have back pain right now. That’s how many sufferers there are in the UK, according to Public Health England. And if you add the number of adults who have had back ache – or will at some point in the future – then…
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Could this really wash away asthma and back pain?

Why good health has a wet history Discover how water can help an asthma sufferer The 19th Century monk who had a major influence on modern medicine Last week I wrote about the possibility that cold water swimming could help prevent dementia. If you missed it click here. I was pleased with your responses. Many of you wrote in to tell me of other ways that this kind of water therapy can help with a range of problems. Using water…
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Why we’re in a back pain epidemic

Back pain relief with PEMF

Great feedback on this electro-magnetic back pain device Why the most recent back pain stats are so extraordinary – it’s a ticking health time bomb Could this muscle problem be the hidden cause of your pain? Following on from my email on Wednesday I have more of your stories to share. It’s one of the most rewarding aspects of writing this newsletter… On a gloomy morning, I open my inbox… And there are your emails, with loads of great suggestions…
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