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Could this really wash away asthma and back pain?

Why good health has a wet history Discover how water can help an asthma sufferer The 19th Century monk who had a major influence on modern medicine Last week I wrote about the possibility that cold water swimming could help prevent dementia. If you missed it click here. I was pleased with your responses. Many of you wrote in to tell me of other ways that this kind of water therapy can help with a range of problems. Using water…
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Why we’re in a back pain epidemic

Back pain relief with PEMF

Great feedback on this electro-magnetic back pain device Why the most recent back pain stats are so extraordinary – it’s a ticking health time bomb Could this muscle problem be the hidden cause of your pain? Following on from my email on Wednesday I have more of your stories to share. It’s one of the most rewarding aspects of writing this newsletter… On a gloomy morning, I open my inbox… And there are your emails, with loads of great suggestions…
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