Together Health Organic Omega 3 Supplement – Discounted 3 Pack

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Together Health Organic Omega 3 Supplement – Discounted 3 Pack

3 x 30 softgels.

Together Health organic Omega 3 is fish free and the best and most cost effective way to take this important nutrient supplement.

Not only do fish oils smell funny and leave a nasty aftertaste, they contribute to the problem of overfishing. Algae is a much more direct (fish only contain omega-3 because they eat algae!), sustainable and environmentally friendly way to source omega-3. Plus, we grow the algae in a 100% contamination-free environment and extract the omega without using any chemicals at all.

Key highlights:

100% natural algae (fish free) DHA and EPA omega-3 at the ideal ratio
No aftertaste
Grown and harvested in a completely contamination-free environment
Produced using sustainable farming
Free from additives and processing chemicals
Handy resealable pouch
Made in the UK


One softgel a day will support a low or fish-free diet. If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, one softgel will support a balanced diet. Omega 3 is best absorbed with a meal containing fat. Omega 3 can be taken anytime of the day. Take it at the same time every day to build up a routine.

Special notes:

Minimum 12 month shelf life at purchase, once opened will last for 2 months in the original resealable packaging

Does not contain… Wheat; live yeast; starch; gluten; milk products (lactose); soya; added sugars; additives; colourings; flavourings; preservatives and GM ingredients.

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More Info

Each softgel provides on average: 352mg of Omega 3

DHA 207mg
EPA 123mg
DPA 22mg


Algae oil

Vegetarian softgel capsule* (Vegetable Glycerol from Coconut oil, Corn Starch: non GMO, Undegraded Carrageenan from red seaweed, Sodium Carbonate from Kelp) *100% plant based