The NEW Inhalo Dry Salt Inhaler and Refill


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Experience the healing effects of breathing dry salt.

Salt crystals have been used to treat respiratory diseases (such as asthma, bronchitis or other chronic respiratory problems) and to strengthen the immune system for decades.

Ancient health writers such as Hippocrates were strong advocates of the use of breathing in the steam generated from hot salty solutions to help clear bronchial conditions, but now you can experience all of the same healing benefits but from a simple device that easily slips into your pocket.

No fuss, no mess, just the most cost effective way to experience better breathing.

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Breathing salty air can dissolve phlegm and mucous, flush out impurities and kill infectious micro-organisms. Many people venture to the deep salt caves in Romania, Poland and Austria to experience the dry salty air and improve their well being.

Now, using this innovative and ergonomic device you can get exactly the same benefits without leaving your home, office or even the pub!

When you breathe through this dry salt inhaler, the air absorbs tiny particles that clean your respiratory system, lower inflammation and flush out toxins.

This is a refill for the Inhalo:DSI: Nasal Dry Salt Inhaler The Inhalo aromatherapy rod is a mix of pure essential oils, including castor seed, menthol, eucalyptus, peppermint, spearmint, lavender flower leaf and clove. The Inhalo can be used with or without the aromatherapy rod, which fits into a special container within the Inhalo.



Inhaling salt air helps to cleanse the respiratory system and combats infection, making breathing easier. The natural salt has detoxifying and antiseptic properties, which kills germs and bacteria while helping the body to absorb oxygen. The Inhalo:DSI: Nasal Dry Salt Inhaler is a clinically tested inhaler and has a safety valve.

  • Refill for the Inhalo: DSI: Nasal Dry Salt Inhaler!
  • Includes a mix of essential oils for aromatherapy
  • 100% natural and drug free treatment with unprocessed rock salt
  • Clinically tested
  • Inhalo DSI: Nasal Dry Salt Inhaler is clinically tested



Pure Halite salt from the Parajd Salt Mine, which is is one of the largest salt mines in Romania and in Europe, famed for the quality of the salt.