Active Shade Sight Training Glasses


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Not being able to see as clearly as you once did is something all of us have to face as we get older.

But in the same way that you might consider going to the gym to maintain your body, this revolutionary product will do the same but for your eyes.

And they are so easy to use.

ActiveShade™ visual impairment therapy forces the weaker eye to try again and again to form a sharp focused image of the objects in the visual field.

While in front of the weaker eye the glass is transparent during the whole treatment, in front of the better eye it is dark for 2 seconds and then becomes transparent for 2 seconds. When both glasses are transparent the vision is clear.

When the glass is dark in front of the weaker eye, the vision becomes blurred. 2 seconds later it becomes sharp again. The weaker eye gets regular impulses and is forced to learn to focus again without the help from the better eye.

The regular use of ActiveShade™ therapy glasses can

Reduce blurred vision at a normal reading distance.
Reduce visual fatigue, headaches, eye strain from reading, sewing and other close work.
Alleviate many complaints associated with computer vision syndrome
Improve the visual skills

Use of the ActiveShade™ therapy glasses has some further beneficial effects, too. It can improve visual attention, aiming, tracking, focusing, reading efficiency, comprehension and athletic performance. You can experience the improvements in reading performance as well as certain visual enhancements immediately after the first training.

ActiveShade™ is a registered Class I medical device. (FDA, MHRA)

More Info

Vision Enhancement Glasses for the treatment of visual impairment caused by age or activities causing eye stress like computer work.


Quick and simple to use.

Test which eye is weaker by using the test mode. Once determined swith the glasses to training mode. During the training mode the ActiveShade glasses force the weaker eye to see sharper without help from the stronger eye. Positive results can be seen early as the end of the first training session. For best results use the ActiveShade glasses training mode on a regular basis.