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How to Unlock The Health Secrets Hidden In Your Kitchen Cupboard

Ray Collins is the author of The Good Life Letter health information service and three acclaimed health handbooks that show you how everyday ingredients can transform your health for the better.

Now you can order Ray’s complete home health package – absolutely everything you need to take basic, inexpensive natural ingredients and create your own home medicine chest.

The Complete Guide to the Good Life includes:

The Lemon Book – Ray reveals how you can use a humble lemon to clean your home without toxins… repel insects… beautify your skin… relieve stress and dozens of niggling health problems… and even treat the symptoms of ageing.

The Honey, Garlic and Vinegar Miracle – Ray reveals how honey, garlic and vinegar can be used to ease coughs and colds… reduce the appearance of wrinkles… boost libido … treat indigestion, heartburn and headaches…. soothe stings, bites and rashes… reduce hunger pangs and food cravings for successful dieting.

The Spice Healer – Ray Reveals how a spicy food ingredient could help ease the pain of sore joints and muscles…. tackle one of the key suspected causes of Alzheimer’s… and lower your risk of colon, breast, prostate, gullet and lung cancer. You’ll also discover other ingredients which can work just as well as prescription drugs for swine flu, joint pain, blood clots, asthma and liver problems.

All three books combined will give you and your family health protection for many years to come. They include tips, recipes and valuable insights to help you stay energetic, happy and loving the food you eat.

Order this life-changing box-set today!

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Ray Collins is the author of The Good Life Letter and a series of acclaimed natural health handbooks. Thanks to his easy-to-read, humorous and practical advice, Ray has built up a loyal following. Here’s what people are saying about him:

“I love the way you present these excellent nuggets in bite-size pieces with a twist of humour – very useful tool for getting a message across.” C.W

“I love your style of writing and good humour. Keep up the good work!” M.D

“I am much obliged to you for these health notes. New breakthrough stuff and also the old ones which we can do with being reminded of.” M.M

“It’s refreshing to see that commonsense is not dead after all.” V.G

“You are down to earth and give information that can be used and is easy for the normal everyday person to access the things you suggest. “ L.P

“As time marches on, it is so necessary to take our health seriously and to do whatever we can to offset all the nasties which life throws at us.” J.D

“How long will it be I wonder before the food manufactures club together and hire a Hit-man to silence you. “ R.L

“Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful knowledge and experiences with me…. I am now building a healthy file of such valuable information.” Y.D

“The information is really interesting. You have a great way of writing.” G.A

“I finally got my vinegar, honey and garlic book – thanks to you! I actually ordered another one for a friend. She is thrilled to bits.” Helen

“So informative on the natural way of relieving symptoms” L.D

At last, you can enjoy all of Ray Collins natural health tips in one box set. The Complete Guide to the Good Life includes Ray’s three books:

The Lemon Book
The Honey Garlic and Vinegar Miracle
The Spice Healer

Discover what his fans are raving about, and how you can put Ray’s tips to the test. Order The Complete Guide to the Good Life today.

This box set includes:

The Lemon Book – 112 Pages, Paperback

Honey, Garlic and Vinegar Miracle – 175 Pages, Paperback

The Spice Healer – 132 Pages, Paperback

ISBN No. 978-0-9557324-6-1


The Complete Guide to the Good Life will provide you with a vast array of tips, recipes and remedies you can try out at home – often for a matter of pennies.

You’ll discover natural ways to:
Clean your digestive system
Relieve rheumatism, sore throat and headaches
Lose weight
Relieve heartburn and bloating
Reduce stress and fatigue
Maintain a healthy heart
Relieve prickly heat, nausea and travel sickness
Treat stings, burns and wounds
Enhance the beauty, glow and elasticity of your skin
Keep your scalp healthy and treat dandruff
Reduce water retention and cellulite
Clean kitchen surfaces without nasty, abrasive chemicals
Freshen the air throughout your home
‘Switch on’ your swine flu immunity
Ease joint pain
Relieve asthma
Clean your liver
Prevent blood clots
Ease the symptoms of coughs and colds
Reduce the appearance of wrinkles
Boost your libido
Soothe stings, bites and rashes