Higher Nature Salt Pipe Refill Bags


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Set of 3 Salt Pipe Refill bags specifically designed for your Salt Pipe.

You can use the unique Refillable Salt Pipe for far, far longer than others on the market. This is yours for the rest of your life. You can wash it, sterilise it, re-fill it with new crystals, and use it over and over again.

By each having your own bag of salt crystals you can even share it among other members of your family. Just keep your salt bags in a cool, dry place between uses.

More Info

Back in the 19th century, an amazing health secret was discovered deep in a Polish mine. It has since helped thousands of people with asthma, bronchitis, sinus problems and allergies to breathe more easily… feel more active… and get a good night’s sleep. The Salt Pipe is a clay pipe with a bag of special salt inside. As you breathe in though the pipe, you draw the air through the salt.

The Salt comes from a special mine in Roumania (Praid Salt Mines) which are a known health area. Trials in Budapest found three out of four patients improved after using the device for 15 minutes a day.


Saltpipes can last forever and can be cleaned and shared. However do not share bags and replace bag if you have had a heavy cold.

The active ingredients in the inhaler will last for approximately 6 months of normal use (15-25 minutes per day).


Active Ingredients: Miocene halit salt crystals.

Composition: Sodium Chloride, Magnesium and Calcium.