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You’ve worked your entire life, paid everything the state asked of you and believed that if you needed help in your old age it would be given.

The scandal is that despite paying your dues you, and your family, are likely to be asked for even more money to cover the cost of your care.

One charity, Age UK, have estimated that this could be as high as £40,000 per year… every year.

Where will you get the money from?

The state expects you to sell your home and raid your savings… or look to your children and relatives to provide for you.

It’s wrong and you need to act to stop this happening to you.

This downloadable book is packed with up to date advice and information to help you avoid becoming a victim of the state – and a burden to those who love you.

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How to analyse your own assets to see if you’re vulnerable and how much you need to pay, plus the five smart ways to protect your assets from the local authority audit.
All the latest developments, rule changes and hidden traps in the care fee system.
Why you should not think about just giving away your assets now; this could be the very worst thing to do.

Can you afford not to find out how you can legally protect yourself, and all that you have worked for.