Energy Saving SAD Bulbs (Pack of 2): Bayonet Fitting


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Energy Saving Spiral 30W Daylight BC (160 Watt Alternative) – Bayonet Fit

This market leading bulb is able to achieve a 150W equivalence from just 30W. This bulb also has many other advantages over standard Incandescent lamps, not least because it gives off light levels which are equivalent to that of a summers day sun.

Some of these advantages and unique selling points include:

Can help alleviate the symptoms of health problems caused by low winter light levels
Ideal substitute for Incandescent light bulbs
High luminous maintenance: 80% lumen at 8,000 hours
6500K (Daylight)
Unique Spiral Shape
30W High intensity CFL Replaces Incandescent GLS light bulbs
8,000 hours life low energy consumption

Energy Savings
Potential saving for 1 bulb over its manufacturers predicted life: £115.20
Assuming electricity is charged at 12p per kWh rate (most electricity companies charge approx. 12p per kWh).

Included: Two BAYONET bulbs per pack.

We also sell screw type light bulbs which can be found here.

More Info

Technical Specifications
for Energy Saving Spiral 30W Daylight BC (160 Watt Alternative)

Cap/Base: 22mm Ba22d/BC
Lumens: 1500 lm
Cap/Base Type: Bayonet
Manufacturer: Pro Lite
Colour: Daylight (860/865)
Manufacturers Average Lamp Life: 8000hrs
Colour: Temp 6500 K
Shape: Spiral
Comparable Wattage: 150
Watt Style: Spiral
Diameter: 60 mm
Type: Energy Saving
Energy Efficient Rating: A
Voltage: 220-240 V
Length: 160 mm
Wattage: 30 W