Balsamic Throat Syrup: Natural Cough & Cold Remedy


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Balsamic Throat Syrup with Thyme, Propolis and essential oils.

A plant syrup with marshmallow and agave extract, no added sugar or artificial sweeteners. Its glycemic index is four times lower than honey and seven times lower than the sugar usually found in traditional syrups.

It can be taken undiluted or diluted by adults – if required dilute to taste in ambient water, warm water or herbal tea, the major benefit is achieved where the syrup can coat the throat which is why undiluted is how most people take it.

For children aged over 3 it should be diluted 1:10 with water.

Recommended when you have a chill or have been exposed to a polluted atmosphere and are looking for natural support to help soften and clear your throat.

More Info

Thyme and propolis Balsamic syrup may be used undiluted or diluted in hot water or herbal tea. It can be simply diluted in ambient temperature water. Its natural aromas liberate and bring a sense well being for optimal respiration.

Average content (10ml)

Agave syrup – 12g

Marshmallow extract – 290mg

Thyme extract – 260mg

Propolis extract – 130mg

Liquorice extract – 130mg

Pine essential oil – 26mg

Eucalyptus essential oil – 26mg

Mint essential oil – 13mg

Directions for use

Take once or twice a day, diluted in water, avoid meal times to allow the syrup to coat the throat. For children aged over 3 years take one dose a day but dilute as one part syrup to ten parts warm water/juice. Do not exceed the stated recommended daily dose. Keep out of sight and reach of children. Consult your doctor or pharmacist if you are breast feeding, pregnant, planning to become pregnant or taking any prescribed medicine. This is a food supplement and should not be used as a substitute. A varied balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important.


Propolis is produced by bees to prevent the hive from insect infiltration, novice microorganisms and to disinfect the cells where the queen lays in. Bees transform it into a very aromatic and resinous substance. Most of the propolis products use Chinese, South American or Eastern European propolis. This propolis is usually heated and compacted in blocks in order to reduce volume and improve transport. But this process (as with all honey products) damage the essential oils that determine the propolis physiological activity. The Propolis used in Holistica Balsamic Syrup is harvested in Mediterranean countries and prepared according to long and traditional mechanical process that does not involve any heating process. Propolis macerates during three weeks before being incorporated in the whole syrup formula. Filtration of such a resinous substance is particularly slow and difficult but is essential in order to preserve the precious components of the high quality propolis. The high quality propolis extract and Thyme extract associated with the sweetness of the Marshmallow extract and agave ideally contribute to throat winter comfort and protection.

Essential oils are natural plant extracts or buds’ extract from aromatic trees. Essential oils are obtained by water distillation and allow to concentrate the substances whose aim is physiological. Pine, Eucalyptus and Mint essential oils are selected and ideally gauged in. They contribute to soften the throat while allowing a subtle and 100% natural aromatization.


Agave syrup, spring water, marshmallow extract (root) (Althaea officinalis), thyme extract (leaves) (Thymus vulgaris), grindelia extract (aerial parts) (Grindelia robusta), propolis extract, alcohol, pine essential oil (aerial parts) (Pynus sylvestris), eucalyptus essential oil (leaves) (Eucalyptus globulus), mint essential oil (leaves) (Mentha piperita).