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How we age is much more of a choice than you may think.

Many people reach a stage when they are looking for something different. Others feel that time is running out, or they are ‘loosing their looks’. The answers to these anxieties rarely lie in a jar or a pill. As a healthy lifestyle is important in looking and feeling good, so our attitude is important in giving meaning and diection to our lives, and even improving our looks.

Combining the latest research on health, ageing and well-being with 30 years experience working with people the authors present a constructive antidote to the myths and stereotypes around ageing, and a guide to an exciting, fulfilling future.

If you are;

Fed up with being pigeon-holed because of your age
Up for exploring a fresh approach to ageing
Wanting a rewarding, meaningful and vibrant life

Then this book is definitely for you.

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Here’s what the co-author Mary Evans Young says were ther reasons to write this book;

The good news is that if we are reasonably healthy, both physically and mentally, our generation can expect an extra 20 or 30 more years than our parents and mid-life can be anywhere between 40 and 75 – depending on your experiences and your attitude to ageing.

Most people reach a stage when they want something different or more than what has gone before. Perhaps you are ready for a change of career or life direction. Maybe you are looking for a more rewarding relationship, new experiences or excitement or, perhaps more meaning in life.

We asked ourselves “what now”? What do we do with these extra years? How will we be in the world? Will it be a rather depressing and steady decline into decrepitude, retirement into a staid existence in a seaside community, or something else, something much better and much more rewarding? What is it to be for you?

Our beliefs and feelings about age and ageing are culturally programmed. Living in a youth obsessed society, age anxiety is, to an extent, inevitable -whatever our age – but how we respond to it is a choice between accepting the status quo or finding a more positive approach to life.

Age anxiety is not confined to people aged 50 and over. We have spoken to a woman of 27 who started the conversation, “If I could have my time again”. A man of 42 who Always longed to be a teacher “too late now”, a woman in her late thirties who described having, breasts like courgettes and a bum to match and the thirty-something who was saving for a facelift.

We’d rather deal with our anxieties about age, and use this time as an opportunity for fun, growth, authenticity and maturity, and to challenge the status quo.

Our approach has always been one of optimism, with a preference for doing things our way. We reject the negativity surrounding age and ageing, our friends are testament to that, with the right approach, age is irrelevant.

We are not obsessed with beating the clock because we cant beat the clock. It is not about longevity at all costs or striving to be forever young. Our definition of ageless living is not giving age a thought, not being defined by our age, getting on with living, and doing what we want to do. We continue to mature – which requires personal and emotional growth, and brain development – not stagnating, and we view time not as an enemy but something to be cherished.

If you’re in mid-life (however defined) or beyond and you’re thinking the same things we are and you want ideas about living a full life, you’ll really enjoy Ageing with Attitude.