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Regular readers will know that I have a few pet peeves about modern healthcare.

The ignorance of the dangers of high sugar diets…

…the lack of joined up thinking in healthcare…

…the paucity of intellectual vigour in the media…

…and the daddy of them all…

…the demonisation of cholesterol as the chief cause of cardiovascular disease, and the justification for the prescription of statins.

This is a topic that I have written about over many years, and often receive brickbats from those who believe that I am wrong to raise this topic.

In some cases I am even accused of being ‘dangerous’, and of putting lives at risk.

However, I stand by the research that I have conducted over the years and fundamentally believe that the campaign against blood cholesterol is merely a sales campaign for statins.

Once again this weekend the Big Pharma marketing machine kicked into gear…

‘Millions more people could be given choice to take statins under new NICE guidelines’ stated the Daily Express headline on Friday in response to a piece of flawed advice from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).

In their review of ‘cholesterol busting medication’ NICE decided that we should all have the option of choosing to take statins to ensure that we don’t suffer from cardiovascular disease… so their press release said.

Now who is putting lives at risk?

Why isn’t this considered dangerous?

Where is the evidence that statins actually save lives when taken prophylactically?

Dear readers, I am afraid that this is purely designed to add to the £100m a year paid to drug companies for statins alone.

I cannot believe that anyone with a medical background can consider handing these highly contentious drugs out to be a safe and ethical way to achieve national wellbeing.

Why statin use needs to be challenged

Rather than take my word for this why not watch this conference speech made by Australian Dr Maryanne Demassi who demonstrates the evidence against statin use.

Dr Maryanne Demassi: Statin wars: Have we been misled by the evidence?

The strongest cases she makes are these two;

Industry Bias: The vast majority of statin trials are funded by pharmaceutical manufacturers, thus there is over-stated benefits and minimisation of risks. This situation led to another clinical specialist, Prof. Gotzche to state – “When drug industry sponsored trials cannot be examined and questioned by independent researchers, science ceases to exist and it becomes nothing more than marketing.”

Data Secrecy: Often you will see rebuttal of reports about statin inefficiency or dangerous side effects feature statements made by Prof. Rory Collins (no relation!) from Oxford University who claims independence but who has received £260 million from the makers of cholesterol lowering drugs. He has signed a legally binding agreement with principle investigators of trials to withhold raw data from third parties to stop any independent researcher from verifying the results.

These are very powerful statements to make, and it makes you wonder why our GP’s are so keen to get you to start taking statins as soon as they can.

I really do believe that this is not a healthy option.

But that is not to say that I don’t accept the argument about increased risk from cardiovascular disease and metabolic imbalance as we age.

Far from it, I fundamentally think that how we live has a major impact on our homeostatic balance…

…but it is not blood cholesterol levels that is the issue.

It’s sugar that is the proven danger.

This is what damages the blood vessels, leads to a disregulated immune response and creates a state of systemic inflammation – the real cause of cardiovascular disease.

I’ve written about this before, and the evidence which backs it up – here.

If you get asked to consider taking a statin by your GP ask them why you need it. Ask them where their evidence for benefit is…

…ask what the alternatives are… please do not accept these drugs as the only option available to you..

Great news for the natural metabolic balancer

So, knowing that there is a need for helping our bodies remain balanced in the face of modern diet and lifestyle I looked for a natural way to help.

Back in 2011 I found a fantastic Australian supplement supplier who worked closely with cardiologists and medics in Australia and Italy to create an extract of Calabrian Bergamot oranges.

This is a supplement called BergaMet, and has proven to be one of the most popular supplements amongst Good Life Letter readers.

Let me allow Dr Ross Walker, a highly respected cardiologist give you his view of how effective Bergamet is;

It is my opinion that BergaMet is the most important natural substance for the prevention and management of cardiovascular disease that has been available over the past thirty to fifty years. I have the world’s largest clinical experience with bergamot products, and have used them extensively over an 11 year period and on thousands of patients. Personally, I take and recommend BergaMet Advanced.” – Dr Ross Walker MB, BS (Hons) FRACP, FCSANZ Cardiologist

Today I have some good news for all Good Life Letter readers.

As Dr Walker mentions there is something new, even more effective, completely safe and totally natural for any of you who require it.

A new, purer Bergamot extract which has been reformulated into a brand new product called BergaMet Advanced…

…and because you are a favoured reader of the Good Life Letter you can try it for no more than the previous version.

That’s right, a brand new formulation which is personally supported by Dr Walker and doesn’t cost any more money.

I think that this is fantastic news.

It also means that for all of the readers who are currently saving money by using the Saver Subscription offer you won’t be charged any more money, and will get the new improved formulation for your next delivery.

If you, or a loved one is worrying about their own blood readings and don’t want to go down the statin route, then please try BergaMet Advanced…

…no side effects, no drug interactions and a wholly natural formulation.

Try Bergamet Advanced.