More about the moon and how it affects your mood and health

Is the moon a health issue? Readers have their say

  • Is the moon a natural health issue? Readers have their verdict – some great feedback here!
  • A weird link between our only satellite and your intestinal worms (this is a bit “eeaaugh”!)
  • Evidence that the moon makes us more violent – I reveal a fascinating study by the UK police

The other week I wrote to you about the moon…

I explained that many people believe its different phases affect their mood and energy levels.

If that is the case, I wondered, could you use it as a natural health tool?

At the end of the letter I asked readers if they had experiences of this lunar effect and I got some wonderful emails in response.

So I thought I’d share a few with you…

One reader says:

“I’m a bit sceptical about that sort of ‘new age’ stuff but I am in no doubt that I am affected by the phases of the moon. For the fourth week of the lunar month I become more and more agitated and can’t even lie still in bed let alone sleep. By the time of the new moon I am exhausted and take the whole of the next week to recover!”

Others also reported poor sleep during a full moon, like this reader:

“I don’t sleep as well at full moon. Our boss, 60 years ago, used to go slightly bonkers at full moon!”

And this reader also had a similar kind of sleep disruption:

“Yes, I am affected by the moon. Full moon means little sleep and high energy whereas the period before the new moon means to me that everything is slowing down.”

A couple of responders suggested that there might be a weird link between the phases of the moon… and your intestines.

One reader says:

“Some of the carers at the home where my sister used to be were convinced that the residents were livelier or more agitated when the moon was full.

I did some research and found suggestions that parasites in the body are more active during certain moon phases and this could account for certain behaviours i.e. those itchy little beasties creating havoc in your innards!”

For more information, that reader recommends Guess What Came To Dinner by Louise Gittleman, a book about the effect of intestinal parasites on our health.

I’ve not read it yet, however I’ve read some websites that claim the same thing – that the full moon cycle influences when parasitic eggs are laid and hatched inside your body.

By the way, if you’re now feeling queasy, I don’t blame you!

I’ve written a lot about the microbial life inside your body (both good and bad) these past few years, but parasitic worms really take it to the next level.

Sorry about that but I like to explore all avenues of natural health, even the ones that make you go “Eeeeeeeeeew!”

After all, there are so many niggles, pains and health issues that we all ‘put up with’ simply because the GP cannot find a direct cause.

So sometimes it’s up to us to find all the factors that could potentially contribute.

Most likely there are several issues that affect each of us, rather than one smoking gun. This is why it’s important to gather information and keep an open mind.

The symptoms of increased parasite activity

Increases in intestinal parasitic activity has been linked to a reduction in essential nutrients including:

  • Vitamin A – essential for a healthy immune system
  • Vitamin B12 – important for energy and concentration
  • Iron – helps move oxygen around the body
  • Magnesium – linked to over 300 biochemical reactions inside your body
  • Zinc – boosts your immunity

So if this is something that is affecting you – maybe during a full moon – then what can you do about it?

Well, you should eat plenty of raw garlic and raw honey, as I advocate in my book The Honey, Garlic and Vinegar Miracle. These are powerful natural remedies with antimicrobial, antibiotic and antiseptic properties.

You should also eat plenty of pumpkin seeds and papaya seeds.  Research on pumpkin seeds published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences (2016) showed that they had anti-parasitic qualities.

As I’ve also advised in the past, you should increase the levels of good bacteria in your gut by eating probiotic-rich foods like yoghurt, and fermented foods like kefir and sauerkraut.

Even better, try this – which gives you all the benefits of fermented food in a supplement, boosting your levels of good gut bacteria: Multibiotic Formula.

Finally today…

Does the moon make us more violent?

While looking into the effects of the moon on health I came across a fascinating study, published in 1984, based on information supplied by the British police.

The research covered a period of time between 1978 and 1982. They looked at the incidence of crimes during those four years which were reported to police stations in three places: one rural, one urban, one industrial.

They then correlated the results with the lunar cycle.

There was absolutely clear evidence that many more crimes were committed on full moon days than on all other days.

There was also a small peak on new moon days, but it was not considered statistically significant.

The study concluded that the effect might have been down to “human tidal waves” caused by the gravitational pull of the moon.

If you want to read it, the study is online here.

So there we have it…

We are under the illusion that we are rational human beings living in a civilised modern society.

But perhaps we are, in fact, partly werewolf, being driven into a frenzy whenever there is a full moon.

Something to think about anyway!