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The more I get to discover about natural remedies and the influence Big Pharma has on suppressing their publicity and usage, the more I begin to smell a rat in every news story.

I saw it a few weeks back when the vitamin D and COVID protection story broke, and then was quickly trashed, counter claimed and had the waters muddied around it.

That wasn’t a coincidence was it?

Now I suspect that the death ray from those with vested interests is being aimed at cannabidiol or CBD.

In the last year I have seen the rise in interest in this extract from cannabis and have heard first hand from readers who tell me that it has stopped pain, reduced anxiety and boosted energy as well as other major health benefits.

But I think I have found a rather smelly rat in the machine that needs to be exposed (not a pleasant metaphor now I read that back..sorry!)

I worked hard to find a really good, 100% natural full plant CBD extract oil a few months ago and we began selling it on our shop – and I loved hearing from you about how effective it was.

But something strange then happened.

We began to notice that the number of people visiting our shop began to fall.

Initially I suspected an IT problem – being the Luddite I am this is always my first assumption!

But everything checked out fine.

We then made a dramatic and worrying discovery… let me explain.

Has Big Pharma nobbled Google?

The Good Life Letter exists as a way for me to write about a whole host of health related topics and especially offer some insight into how natural remedies can help those who are suffering.

But there is a cost to doing this, and I also need to earn some money to keep me in steak and kidney pie (the perfect filling in my book!)

So, alongside the newsletter I also have a shop where I source and sell some of the remedies I discuss.

It’s not a huge operation but again there is a financial hit from having to buy stock, warehouse it and employ someone to send it out and deal with queries – something that my colleague Justin does with great skill.

One of the sources of sales that I rely on is from people who are searching the internet to find products or find health advice. These people are not necessarily readers but the products they buy help support the whole operation.

It was these folk who were no longer visiting the shop.

So, I contacted the major search provider Google, not without difficulty it has to be said, and they told me something which set my spider senses tingling.

“It is Google policy that we do not allow the promotion of any drug products including cannabis to feature in our search results.” Said the statement I had back.

Just think about this for a minute.

It means Google had interrogated my shop, found the CBD oil and decided that we were in breach of this drugs policy… what!

No amount of argument from me that what we were selling was completely legal, complied with all local and EU legislation and had a certificate of provenance to show that there was no harmful psychotropic THC in it made any difference to their stance.

Why would the biggest search engine in the world do this?

This is when I began to suspect the pungent rodent (see cleaned it up a bit now!)

…and Amazon too?

My next port of call was to try to find CBD products on Amazon, the huge online retailer.

Guess what… no CBD product on the entire site in any country version.

Sure I can find ‘Hemp Oil’ but this is not CBD, it just doesn’t have the same essential mix of cannabidiol, co-enzymes and phytochemical elements that is needed – it is a very poor relation.

But the really crucial difference is that Hemp Oils contain very little, if any, cannabidiol but this hasn’t stopped some unethical brands trying to confuse customers who really want to purchase CBD Oil.

Of course getting customers to buy Hemp Oil and then finding it out that it doesn’t help them just plays into the hands of the pharmaceutical giants who can then say that there are many dissatisfied buyers.

So once again I ask why would these major companies be blocking any attempt to find and buy CBD oil?

Am I being too paranoid in thinking that the big pharmaceutical companies are flexing their powerful muscles and threatening to withhold their significant corporate dollars from these platforms?

Maybe I am, but you have to agree that this all looks a bit suspicious.

Welcome to a new CBD world – CBD Shield

We were forced to drop the CBD oil from our shop in order that we could get Google to deliver searchers to us, we had no choice if we wanted to stay in business.

But I was not going to deny my readers the benefit of this amazing natural remedy.

So, I have spent a great deal of time and effort to create a [new online shop] that deals exclusively with CBD products, and boy has this been worthwhile because I have sourced some absolutely fantastic products.

But first an apology – as this is a new shop you won’t be able to log straight in until you register for the shop, but there is no reason why you can’t use the same details including password that you have for the main Good Life Shop.

I am sorry about this but it is a factor of the high levels of security that we have in order to protect you and your purchases.

Alternatively you can shop as a guest, but this means having to enter your delivery details for each order placed.

But the good news is that this little bit of hassle will really be worth it.

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  • So, I hope you take the opportunity to visit this new shop and have a look at some of these carefully selected products.

Like those I have on the Good Life Letter shop I insist that everything is naturally sourced so that rather than just getting a laboratory version of the required compounds what you get is the full spectrum alongside all the natural supporting chemicals that our bodies need to make use of the remedy.

We don’t care if Google refuses to list us because this resource is just for you, my loyal and much appreciated readers.

Thank you.