Eczema Treatment: Why this is better than E45

  • Why readers love this skin care alternative
  • We think this is better than E45 – find out more here
  • Ideal for dry itchy skin, diabetes, eczema, psoriasis and sunburn

I love seeing positive reviews of our products.

The team and I work so hard to seek them out, test them and try them, it’s good to see them deliver results.

For instance, here’s a great comment that was posted on the shop just a few weeks ago:

“Have found DermaBalm to be brilliant.  When is it likely to be available again?  My current supply is running out!!”

This was from Bob Allen in Gloucestershire. (If you’re reading this, Bob, then “Hello!”)

What Bob was raving about is our wonderful alternative to skin creams, DermaBalm. It’s totally natural and made from aloe vera, calendula, sweet almond kernel oil and lavender oil.

There are no nasty chemicals… no side effects… no risk of a reaction… and no greasy residue or stains.

You can use it for so many ailments, including dry itchy skin, diabetes, eczema, psoriasis and sunburn.

Or it works just like a good daily moisturiser, too.

For more details, take a look at this: The Wonderful Natural Skin Healing Benefits of DermaBalm.

Get this while stocks last

It is worth bearing in mind, as per Bob’s comment, that we don’t always have stock in the shop – this really does fly off the virtual shelves.

We do endeavour to keep as many of our products in plentiful supply as possible but it can be tricky – especially with issues in recent years like COVID-19, which caused quite a few companies supply problems, along with issues in the wake of leaving the EU.

In the past, DermaBalm was one of those products that went out of stock and didn’t come back for a while.

So if you want to try this one, we have plenty at the moment – but this won’t necessarily be the case in a few days’ time, after I’ve mentioned it in this newsletter.

It’s well worth grabbing some if you’ve not yet tried it (or you have, and you want to restock), because Bob is by no means the only one who loves DermaBalm.

Here are some more verified customers who have left comments:

“It really was/is a miracle cure and we really can’t survive without it now. Have bought multiple times.”


“More effective than prescription medication in clearing a persistent bout of contact dermatitis. I continue to use it as an effective moisturiser and to treat any occasional skin complaints.”


“I recently bought a bottle of DermaBalm as I have a small patch of mild eczema.  Within two days it had completely healed and disappeared.”


 “I purchased DermaBalm to ease a rash on my arm and stop itching following an unsuccessful attempt to see a doctor. I am happy to say the DermaBalm is working.”


“Not sticky which is good and so far it has helped my husband a lot. His skin is quite thin and gets itchy. DermaBalm soothes it very well.”


“This ‘magic milk’ has worked wonders on my husband’s very dry flaky facial skin, it is also helping to ‘tone down’ some of my ‘age marks’ on my face, so will keep going.”


Of course, the only way to know for sure if it will work for you is to try it, which is why we offer a full 30-day unconditional guarantee. You can read the details here: DermaBalm Trial Offer

Better than E45

When most people have a skin condition they tend to reach for a product like E45, the most famous and popular skin cream.

However, it includes sodium lauryl sulphate, lanolin and soft white paraffin – known allergens that can trigger a flare-up of atopic eczema.

So we think that DermaBalm is a much better alternative, and a truly natural eczema treatment.

One of its key ingredients is Aloe Vera which is full of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and amino acids that are good for the general health of your skin and don’t cause irritation.

You can use it for all the following:

  • Regular moisturising to keep your skin looking healthy and glowing
  • Treating rough, dry skin
  • Dealing with cold sores
  • Sore skin as a result of gardening, DIY or other manual labouring jobs
  • Easing the tightness caused by the loss of elastin and collagen as you get older
  • Reducing the irritation from soaps, detergents, washing up liquid and other household products.

But give it a go for a risk-free trial and see what you think – if it’s not for you, we’ll refund you, as always!