Cholesterol Con: Don’t eat cake

  • Could that fruit sponge be a silent assassin?
  • Time to apportion blame where it belongs
  • How to fight back, simple changes that will make a difference

The Times have cracked the country’s health and financial problems in two headlines…

On the 17th January we were warned – ‘Rising levels of ill health costing the economy £150bn a year.’

Then the following day I read – ‘Don’t let them eat cake: Sweet treats in the office are like passive smoking, says food standards chief.’

So, logic says that ill health and eating cake are cause and effect!

How fantastic that we finally have something to blame for our sick and obese nation…

…after all…

…it’s not the failure of successive governments to ensure basic cooking skills are taught in schools….

…clearly, the same power brokers failure to control the rampant growth of corporate fast food, low nutritional value ready meals and sugar laden snacks hasn’t played any part…

…whilst, the role of powerful food and sugar lobbyists oiling the wheels of decision makers was just the modern way of doing things…

…No, the cause of obesity, musculo-skeletal problems and major metabolic diseases is those home-made brownies and flap jacks you have been sharing with your colleagues.

You villains!

How you should hang your heads in shame.

As the chair of the food Standards Agency, Prof. Susan Jebb states…

“We all like to think we’re rational, intelligent, educated people who make informed choices the whole time.”

But she says that the issue is that it was not enough to rely on the “extraordinary efforts” of personal willpower needed to avoid overeating in a society that is constantly plying people with food.

She describes how this temptation affects her when she added;

“If nobody brought cakes into the office, I would not eat cakes in the day, but because people do bring cakes in, I eat them.”

Bless her.

Just think of her average day…

This eloquent, knowledgeable and informed scientist can avoid sugary breakfast snack bars, sugar laden High Street franchise coffee…

Easily runs the gauntlet of breakfast muffins, pre-packed sandwiches (with more calories than three Mars Bars)…

And eschews the delights of takeaway high fructose corn syrup fripperies (you know who you are Mc… & B….King!)…

But her defences are then laid low by Betty’s Victoria Sponge in the office kitchen.

The assassin from telesales has struck once again!

Really, do they think we are idiots? It’s just another part of the great cholesterol con folks!

It’s about time the truth was told

I really am getting fed up with a procession of commentators offering the crassest comments on health.

It has been happening for over fifty years to my living knowledge.

But just lately the number of ‘experts’ being bounced into the spotlight blaming us ordinary folk has increased exponentially.

But, we are not the fools they think we are.

Our nation’s poor health is not due to a weak-willed population.

The frightening number of obese children is not the result of uncaring parents.

Pressures on the NHS and care services are not the fault of household bad planning.

No, these are all the result of corporate greed and the damage done by a political class who refuse to accept what they have done.

Big Pharma loves cardiovascular disease and the great cholesterol con that goes with it. (I wrote about this and the beneficial effect of NEW BergaMet Advanced last week)

Big Food adores political willingness for financial bungs to allow them to offer the nation modern day gruel marketed as a fashion statement.

Big Finance salivate over capital returns from building on school playing fields, selling health services back to the NHS and filling warehouses full of useless and expensive PPE.

These issues, Professor Jebb, are what make us a sick nation… not a nice bit of fruit cake.

It’s not too late… yet

The one thing that I have learned from Good Life Letter readers is we have to keep going.

When others act like Chicken Little under a falling sky, you demand we put our hard hats on and make progress.

That’s what is needed now.

Our families, friends and casual acquaintances need to be made aware.

If they are not Good Life Letter readers get them to sign up (they’ll even get a free report about cholesterol for doing so – copy and send them this link –

Our next step is to get good food made a priority by voting with our money.

Cheap fresh vegetables can easily be made into nourishing and filling soups, batched up and frozen for warming through when needed.

Cheaper cuts of meat can also be a more tasty and adaptable source of protein for meat eaters. Chicken thighs, pork & ox cheeks along with lamb neck will slash pounds from your bill, yet give you delicious meals for the carnivores out there.

Cous Cous mixed with roasted vegetables and a sprinkling of nuts and dried fruit is a delightful packed meal for the office… add a dash of hot sauce if you want to spice it up.

It is also really important to share your traditional cooking tips with other family members, get kids involved in food cookery as early as possible.

By all means write to your MP and highlight your concerns, but don’t hold out for a revolution.

Change can only come from our power as consumers.

Unfortunately it is the only language that powerful actors respond to.

Above all, remain cynical about any proclamations on health that hit the media…

…chances are that these are just designed to force blame onto you, rather than those truly at fault, this is part of the great choleserol con.

Oh, and please do make delicious home-made cakes and treats to share, it’s what keeps us all sane.