Pain Relief

Is there real danger in this common joint pain remedy?

How to help arthritis naturally

Do you know why my inbox exploded about this topic? Are you safe taking these two common arthritis remedies… …and do they work anyway? Discover the facts here Every so often my email inbox explodes with questions relating to a similar topic. When it is something that I have written about I kind of expect it – like the response I got to the coffee newsletter last week! Invariably I get people who write in to agree with me or…
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Some home truths about this painful condition

What is arthritis

Discover what causes arthritis Prevention, management and cure is naturally easy Why you should never give in Right, let’s talk about arthritis. This is a condition which many of us know well, because we suffer from it. Every time we go to our GP with a painful knee, neck or back they will say we have a ‘touch of arthritis’ and that they can only give us pain killers to help. I know this is the case because I’ve just…
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Watch out for this marketing scam

Hemp is not CBD

Let me clear up this common confusion  Why hemp oil is NOT the same as CBD oil  How to avoid this sneaky marketing trick Dear NAME, Can me a fusty old ‘boomer’ if you like but I’ve never really understood fashion labels. It used to drive my kids mad… “Why are you paying that much money for those trainers, just because they have ‘Adidas’ written on them?” I’d ask. “Surely those cheaper ones do the same job?” Same went for…
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Why this old fashioned condition might be creeping up on you

Natural gout remedies

This is why ‘The Disease of Kings’ is no laughing matter The foods that increase your risk… …and what you can do to reduce that risk, naturally I feel like I ought to write today’s letter in Old English… Sorry, Ye Olde English… Because a surprising number of Good Lifers have written in about gout. That’s right – gout. That staple of black and white comedies. In fact, one of my favourite Laurel & Hardy films is based around one…
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A reader has tasted something funny in this pain remedy Copy


Oops, sorry for my gaff A reader has tasted something funny in this popular over-the-counter pain remedy Why these drugs can be dodgy I remember once seeing someone post a funny proofreading gaff online. It was from a report on infectious diseases and STDs, which contained a list including Chlamydia, Syphilis, Lyme disease and – er… “Genital Wars.” Genital Wars? I can’t imagine that being something George Lucas would take on as a box office smash movie idea. Or an…
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Why I don’t like this bandwagon behaviour

CBD oil made simple

Amazing, I’ve been to a lot of trade shows but I’ve never seen anything quite like this health revolution Why the USA is changing its mind about this drug Try this if you suffer chronic pain, anxiety, nausea, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis and insomnia… Ever been to a trade show? If not, imagine a massive room full of stalls and displays, with all kinds of wonderful prototypes, new products and innovations, all vying for your attention. Think…
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