Pain Relief

Pain Patches: The ‘sticking plaster’ that stops pain

Pain Patches: Poster Boy for gout

Ray Collins to the rescue in a family crisis How an ancient natural remedy has been improved The chance for a risk free trial is just a click away – here Imagine that you are the most powerful man in the land, have the entreatments of kings and emperors and set up your own church, but none of this is your legacy. Instead you become the poster boy for gout. Such was the fate of King Henry the Eighth, an…
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How a cabbage can cure stomach pain

How to wage war on acid reflux – my dietary tips revealed

This is why you should all be eating your greens Make the most of this seasonal fare – your tummy will thank you for it Can it really be true that cabbages can cure stomach pain? I wouldn’t blame you if you thought that this was some kind of lockdown leg pulling… …Ray Collins losing it… …however, the science is on my side with this one. More importantly it’s not just cabbages that have this effect either – kale, broccoli…
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How to beat tendonitis pain

Why these conditions are not sports related The four simple ways to ease the pain naturally Maybe this therapy isn’t for everyone after all… A year ago how many of us had heard of either Emma Raducanu or Cameron Norrie? Now they are basking in success on the world stage. It’s been great to see British Men and Women win recent tennis tournaments – I love watching the game, but I’m pretty bad at tennis. You know that grisly television…
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How to relieve the dull pounding with peppermint

Discover a few more odd health facts that I’ve collected Could a deep throbbing headache be a sign of genius? Remedies that work for migraines and muscle spasms As you know by now, possibly to your utter despair, I’m addicted to collecting odd facts. I don’t know whether it’s the delight at seeing my friends and family slapping their foreheads as soon as I open my mouth and say, “Did you know…?” Or whether it’s some kind of preparation for…
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Why it is time to be honest because we all do this..

Here is the confession we need to make! How a Post-It note on the forehead could be what is required An easy way to keep yourself regular – The stick on supplement reminder Dear <NAME> Taking a medication or supplement which is going to make us feel better isn’t a problem – is it? I mean it stands to reason, we have a known issue or risk so we happily pop a capsule with our breakfast to solve it. Job…
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The link between breathing and brain power

How breathing can cause backache… …and affect your concentration, memory and mood Why you’re probably breathing the wrong way – and how to fix it with 2 exercises One night, I forgot how to breathe. I was about eight or nine years old, lying in bed. For some reason I couldn’t sleep and my brain was racing. Suddenly, I became very aware of my chest going up and down, up and down. It felt as if I was controlling the…
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