Anti-Oxidant Tea: Let’s hear it for the great British cuppa!

  • It’s time for tea… no coffee to be found here!
  • How a tea belly can be the healthiest person around
  • A fantastic healthy brew for you to trial – click here for details

Today i have to introduce you to a fantastic anti-oxidant tea.

A few weeks ago I told you about a fantastic coffee blend that contained CBD to help reduce pain and relax you…

…within minutes of sending the letter out I got hundreds of outraged emails from readers demanding that I highlight the health benefits of tea too!

So, I thought I had better appease those who love their brew and want the very best and healthiest tea available.

My fiercest critic was my daughter who is now away at University, and whilst she rarely contacts us to tell us she is well and safe she somehow found the time to berate me over text for ‘dissing the tea’.

I had no idea what that meant!

But she has always been a lover of this fragrant and refreshing hot drink.

Both of our boys were nightmares for getting out of bed in time to get the school bus, and many has been the time that they were  running down the street with shirt tails flapping, toothpaste foam in the corners of their mouths and a piece of toast in their hands.

But my daughter was a much easier prospect for an early morning call.

The secret was tea.

The great British eye opener itself

The minute she got a whiff of a brew, heard the chink of the spoon stirring the teapot and the gentle gurgle of the first poured cup she was there.

I can only imagine it was how Pavlov felt with his dogs!

It isn’t only a morning thing with her either, anytime of the day (or night) is fair game for a cup of Rosie Lee in her book.

Whilst her friends and flatmates are guzzling fluorescent coloured juices, or fizzy sugar syrups she’s wrapped around a mug of steaming tea.

In a strange way this makes me quite proud of her – and because I send her my favourite and healthiest tea I know that it is also doing her the power of good too.

Let me explain how she is benefitting… it’s all about anti-oxidants and much more.

Just what is an anti-oxidant?

We hear this word a lot.

But do we really understand what it is?

Clearly, they are good for us because everyone tells us that by increasing the volume we consume we get a range of benefits including:

  • Enhanced immune system
  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Balanced cholesterol levels
  • Better brain function
  • Increased fat-burning capability

But despite the word being plastered all over health products, and dropped into editorials, many people don’t realise exactly how they work.

In simple terms, an anti-oxidant is a chemical agent which prevents the cellular damage caused by unstable molecules called free radicals. They are associated with many common diseases, including cancer, atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease.

Read on and I’ll explain how an amazing anti-oxidant tea can boost your health.

The curse of free radicals

‘Free radicals’ may sound like a term for long-haired hippy activists from the sixties but they are actually staunch defenders of your wellbeing against the perils of modern life.

Every day we are exposed to free radicals from ultra-violet light, inhaling cigarette smoke, chemicals in the environment and poor quality food.

Even those who live the healthiest of lives are bombarded with these damaging compounds. You cannot escape them. They’re probably attacking you through the glare of whatever screen you’re reading this email on right now.

But anti-oxidants act like security guards, blocking any attempt by these rogue particles to attack sensitive cell structures.

Good stuff, these anti-oxidants.

So imagine how great it would be to have them packed into your daily cups of tea!

Take a look at this – it’s a webpage we’ve put up about an anti-oxidant rich tea that I personally adore drinking, but you can get a chance to taste at home, risk free, to see for yourself.

Find out more about the ‘taste test’ here.

But the health benefits don’t end there…

This tea is really special because of how it is grown. It’s sourced from the mountains of Kenya in an area known as the ‘Tuscany of Tea’. At an altitude of over 5,500 feet there are no pesticides required because it’s above ‘the bug line’.

One of the reasons many of you chose to write in to me about the coffee letter was to explain how you can’t tolerate too much caffeine and so drink tea instead.

But this is still something to be careful about as some commercial teas contain nearly as much caffeine as you find in coffee..

…but not this one.

It’s not only low in caffeine but low in fluoride too. As I wrote in an email to you last year, there’s far too much fluoride in our system, from water and toothpaste to the tea many of us drink three or four times a day.

So it means you can drink as much of this anti-oxidant tea as you want during the day without worrying too much about getting caffeine jitters or overloading yourself with fluoride.

As you’ll see, it gets some wonderful feedback for its flavour.

“Beautiful flavours, my favourite black tea, best sipped slowly for full effect.” AZ

“I am no longer able to have my morning coffee and this low caffeine tea is a perfect replacement, lovely strong flavour.” CS

“I am a tea snob and this is one of my absolute favourites.” WL

If you fancy giving it a go, we’re offering a 14 day ‘home taste test’. You can try Kosabei anti-oxidant tea for yourself and send it back for a full refund if you’re not delighted with it for any reason.

Try the 14-day home taste test now